African Pride.

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Chukwunonso Ukwandu (aka Nonsou) from Imo State in Nigeria is a website developer here in Lagos. He is mostly self-learnt, Youtube tutorials he says have helped him reach where he is today. It is amazing to see how Youtube is changing lives here in Africa.
Girls helping their father on the farm. Not going too well 
Nigeria 2008
Canoeing  in Nigeria
by © Irene Becker
Early morning in Kajuru, Kaduna State, Nigeria
Ducklings by Irene Becker © All rights reserved
"The Lizard had the tree in mind before challenging the Dog to a fight - West African Proverb"

Book cover artwork for an upcoming Nigerian novel. Art is by Alaba Onajin.

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Do people hate their parents that much?

The “Things african parents say” trend was fun for a while now it’s ridiculous reading what people say. 

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"I will learn how to sail and not complain about lack of the wind"
African proverb

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Nigerian Bride


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