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ethiopia (by Carlos Lozano Ginel)
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In Zambia there are still many places where kids especially girls do not go to school but have to take care of their younger brothers and sisters. This girl is one of the lucky ones but the class room is dark with very little natural light.
Photo by Mark Dumbleton
The San people of the Kalahari Desert are believed to be the original human inhabitants of sub-Saharan Africa. They are known as the San people and have unique “click” languages. The San are hunter-gatherers and some of them still survive in small numbers, few groups in Namibia, where they are the poorest of the poor.
child plays with the tea pot and glass.

Small children stand next to a graveyard for newly arrived refugees from  Somalia on the outskirts of Dagehaley camp, one of three camps that  make up the Dadaab refugee camp in Dadaab, Noertheastern Kenya on the  10th July, 2011. In recent weeks over 1500 Somali refugees have been  arriving daily  as a result of ongoing drought. and severe pressure is  being put on already limited resources. containers,sleeping mats and  plastic sheets.
Somalians are still trying to survive the famine and drought. Hold on to your hats people

Famine in East Africa

The famine is trickling down to the livestock.

Somali refugees walk through a dust storm at a camp near the town of Dadaab. A worsening drought crisis threatens 10 million people in the Horn of Africa. The drought has resulted in famine in parts of southern Somalia and widespread malnutrition in Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. UNICEF and partners are working to treat acute malnutrition and provide other critical assistance.
This That New!: 50 Cent Wants To Feed People In Africa


50 took to his Twitter that after a meeting with two men (they were not named) he said he felt very inspired and that he would like to make more of an impact with people’s lives.

I want to impact peoples lives more. I created a new goal for my self, I want to feed a billion people in Africa…

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